Meet your shrink

Glimmer of hope by Lucas ()

The morning after I collapsed to the ground, I entered a therapist’s office for the first time in my life. No couch to lie on, no enquiring looks, no disturbing images on the walls. I found there a woman, not much older than me, with an empathic look and reassuring manners. I had been nervous since I woke up that morning, after the usual very few hours of sleep. My heart still running too fast, my head still dizzy, my breath short as I started to speak. I told her what I had been going through in those last months,…

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Let’s strike with the drama

Shattered Colours by Martin Kenny

Let’s go straight to the juiciest part: in the morning of a mid-march day, I lost my senses to my kitchen floor. After 3 days of absolute no-sleep, that morning I raised from the bed asking myself whether it would be a better idea to go to the office or to stay home again. As you may recall, everything had started to make me feel terrified, since December. For some reasons, going to work and especially having meetings were two of my biggest fears. A phone call was scheduled for my boss, some colleagues from a different site and me…

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