Emotions can’t be planned ahead: you have to dive into them, if you really want to be alive.
Feel them, discover what they are telling about who you are and why.
Get to know yourself better, give space to every emotion you’re feeling.
Welcome that knowledge with acceptance and respect.
Remember that emotions are never wrong, they’re the natural reaction of your story in the person you are right now.
Reward yourself for your achievements and comfort yourself for your failures.
Be proud of your skills and look at your flaws with affection.

– Whitest Fly

When worlds collide

Dizziness has proved to be the most perduring of all my symptoms so far. More than one year after my black-out, from time to time, the world around me still begins spinning around. Honestly, I don’t even know whether I’ll ever get rid of this reaction. Not that I actually have the need to. I’ve experienced my dizziness in a bunch of different situations up to now: while walking, while running, while driving and in several other whiles. It turns out it’s no longer that dangerous and, therefore, no longer that scary. During that lapse of time, lasting about 20-30…

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