Of avocados and love relationships

"Avocado pit" by Maria Keays

I let go of something today. During the first week of June, I challenged my green thumb by trying to grow an avocado tree from a seed. Not much of a challenge you may argue and you would be right, if only I hadn’t attended gardening lessons at Attila’s course (There, where I have passed, the grass will never grow again, Attila the Hun). I’m known for my very poor skills in cultivating plants of any kind. But, since I proved to make my cyclamen survive since last winter till summer, driven by the enthusiasm of this almost-impossible mission accomplished,…

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Fine tuning

By mid-June my relationship with brand-new boyfriend was already flying high, he quickly winded up to be my main priority throughout the days. He literally was my first thought as I opened my eyes in the morning and my last thought before I fell asleep. And the same was happening to him; “I’m thinking of you all the time” he told me one day, while I was driving in my car. I had never felt so positively irrational in all my life, but my fears were still there and, luckily enough, so was my therapist. “I’m afraid it’s not going…

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