It was like reality had broken in, in a horrific explosion of fear and pain, but once the racket had gotten quieter, I started realizing that I was still alive. And, for some reason, as time went by, life started looking better, brighter and fuller than before the blast.

– Whitest Fly

Let the romance begin

Ok, the title may sound a bit mushy, I know. But, after all, what did you expect after last post? It all begins with a kiss, right? That’s what happened to me, to us, as well. It all began with that kiss. I was still pretty afraid of so many things, but confusion was dissolving. I told everything to my therapist, of course, as soon as we met. “I’m glad about what’s happening, but I still have so many fears.” “Which ones?” she asked. “Oh gosh, where do I start from?” “Let’s start from the biggest ones, for example”. I…

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