Things I’ve Learned about Anxiety – Anxiety is a Transitory Status

I have to admit that I consider myself a Pro when it comes to anxiety. The quantity and the extent of anxiety I’ve experienced often make me feel like I have a PHD in that subject. For sure, each of us experiences suffering, as well as any other emotion, in a personal way, but still there are some basic concepts that – you can trust me on this, remember my PHD? – are true for every anxious soul out there. So let’s go with the things I’ve learned about anxiety: 1. Anxiety is a transitory status. I know this could…

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Quite a long way

Exactly twelve months ago, I was fainting on my floor climaxing months of severe generalized anxiety. Exactly twelve months ago, I decided to start therapy, hoping it could help me find a way out of all of that suffering. Today I’m here, the worst of anxiety is gone, I’ve met new friends and dumped some others, meds are being gradually reduced, I’m jogging weekly and I’ve just asked my boss for a raise. I don’t know about tomorrow, but today, well, today I rock.     If you’ve stumbled upon this page and reached the bottom of it, you’ve just made…

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Let’s strike with the drama

Shattered Colours by Martin Kenny

Let’s go straight to the juiciest part: in the morning of a mid-march day, I lost my senses to my kitchen floor. After 3 days of absolute no-sleep, that morning I raised from the bed asking myself whether it would be a better idea to go to the office or to stay home again. As you may recall, everything had started to make me feel terrified, since December. For some reasons, going to work and especially having meetings were two of my biggest fears. A phone call was scheduled for my boss, some colleagues from a different site and me…

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