My happiness jar

Here’s what 365 (366 actually, 2016 was a leap year) days of happiness jar look like. At the beginning of last year, I had just read about Elizabeth Gilbert’s happiness jar, so I decided to make it my 2016 new year resolution. I proved myself pretty good at sticking to resolutions, at this one at least, so while some days I wrote nothing and some other days I took several notes, in the end, few hundreds of happy moments were recorded. Some days ago, on the first days of 2017, proud of my achievement, I couldn’t resist and went through…

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Emotions can’t be planned ahead: you have to dive into them, if you really want to be alive.
Feel them, discover what they are telling about who you are and why.
Get to know yourself better, give space to every emotion you’re feeling.
Welcome that knowledge with acceptance and respect.
Remember that emotions are never wrong, they’re the natural reaction of your story in the person you are right now.
Reward yourself for your achievements and comfort yourself for your failures.
Be proud of your skills and look at your flaws with affection.

– Whitest Fly

New Year’s resolutions (some more homework for me)

The last days of the year are always a good moment to assess the previous twelve months and to make resolutions on what we wish for the year to come. Plus, I’ve been frequently shying away from expressing my deepest and most meaningful wishes in such an explicit way. I’m one of those people who somehow believe that what you really care for has to be kept untold. There must be some part of my mind believing that if you don’t say what you want to achieve out loud, in case of failure, you will be hurt a little less. Since I’m not sure that technique has…

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Of Gratitude and other Emotions – Part 1

1 year and 6 days after everything began, 371 days after my anxiety had burst sweeping away most of the life I had known until then, it was time to say goodbye. By mid-december it was time for (what I thought it was going to be) my last therapy session. As you may have already read, I got back for some more sessions during the following spring, but at that time, December was the planned time for the ultimate closure of my therapy. As all of the other sessions, and understandably even more than that, the closing experience of such…

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On a May Day – Part 2

Continued from On a May Day – Part 1 My first thought as soon as my therapist names my emotional side is “Am I really able to feel it, my emotional side? Do I even know what she’s talking about?” I’ve trained myself for decades to be as rational as I could. I managed to succeed at it hands down. I basically got a PhD in Applied Rationality. But how about emotivity? I feel like an innocent – and even a little dumb – child, when I hear myself saying “I’m not really sure if I know what you mean by…

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