What Therapy was to me

“I should have a therapist. I have plenty to therapise about.” – Norah Jones Let’s talk about therapy. Or better: let’s start by talking about therapy they way I would have done it two years ago. I’d  begin by rolling my eyes, I’d snort blatantly and recall a quote or two from a movie of Woody Allen’s. I’d tell you that that stuff doesn’t work, and if it does, it certainly doesn’t do anything to me. Now let’s fast forward to today: I’m ready to swear to you that therapy has been the most life-changing experience of my life so…

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Yes, changes, because once you are in the middle of your storm, it comes a moment in which it all becomes about changes: letting changes happen, making changes happen, noticing and accepting changes as they occur.

– Whitest Fly

New Year’s resolutions (some more homework for me)

The last days of the year are always a good moment to assess the previous twelve months and to make resolutions on what we wish for the year to come. Plus, I’ve been frequently shying away from expressing my deepest and most meaningful wishes in such an explicit way. I’m one of those people who somehow believe that what you really care for has to be kept untold. There must be some part of my mind believing that if you don’t say what you want to achieve out loud, in case of failure, you will be hurt a little less. Since I’m not sure that technique has…

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My Summer homework

I’ve never been more beautiful than I am today. I’ve never felt more beautiful than I feel today. And I suspect the two things are related. I’ve been younger and fresher (yep, that happens by definition, I guess). I’ve been in better shape (yes, I really need some workout, to drop those extra 15-20 pounds I put on last winter). I’ve had better haircuts (gosh, I really need to see my hairstylist soon). But it turns out, those were moments in which I didn’t feel beautiful. At all. There have been periods in which I was going out more frequently…

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On a May Day – Part 1

On an early May morning, I showed up to my last therapy session. Needless to say, I was feeling nervous. I didn’t know much about how we were going to handle that last appointment, but I had an image that had popped in my mind few days before and I wanted to discuss about it with my therapist on that last meeting. During the previous days, while thinking about the person I have been all my life and the one I’ve got the feeling I’m transforming into, a geometrical metaphor had surfaced in my mind. I easily pictured the usual…

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The inevitability of non-linearity

I really wonder what you are expecting from a post with such a nerdy title. Anyway, don’t panic, there won’t be any philosophy or quantum physics involved; only, as usual, the story of my journey through (and with) anxiety. As you may have learned from my posts so far, my healing process after my breakdown has seemed pretty smooth, even if it has taken some time, the need to discover and use several new “tools” and, most of all, quite a huge effort. In these months I’ve been reading and listening to hundreds of opinions about how non-linear the healing…

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It must be the meds

By mid May, I was actually starting to feel better. I had been going to work every day for the last month, my fears about my best friend and me were getting thinner, time to go to sleep was still a critical moment, but insomnia was no longer the huge problem it had been. One day, it was a Saturday afternoon, I was supposed to go shopping for groceries with my brother. He wound up having some other things to do in the end and, without even thinking about it that much, I heard myself saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll go…

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