Of enraged dogs, success and self-celebration

Talk about having to speak in public to an anxious girl and you’ll see her crumble to the ground under the weight of her nerves shaking. Yeah, maybe you will. Or maybe not. I was recently asked to act in behalf of my boss for a couple of weeks, travel abroad, lead the preparation of the stuff we had to present, meet our Customer and deliver a 90 minutes presentation twice in two weeks. My anxiety immediately told me to say “No, I don’t want to go”, but my hard-working attitude and my desire not to let my boss down…

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Emotions can’t be planned ahead: you have to dive into them, if you really want to be alive.
Feel them, discover what they are telling about who you are and why.
Get to know yourself better, give space to every emotion you’re feeling.
Welcome that knowledge with acceptance and respect.
Remember that emotions are never wrong, they’re the natural reaction of your story in the person you are right now.
Reward yourself for your achievements and comfort yourself for your failures.
Be proud of your skills and look at your flaws with affection.

– Whitest Fly

My Summer homework

I’ve never been more beautiful than I am today. I’ve never felt more beautiful than I feel today. And I suspect the two things are related. I’ve been younger and fresher (yep, that happens by definition, I guess). I’ve been in better shape (yes, I really need some workout, to drop those extra 15-20 pounds I put on last winter). I’ve had better haircuts (gosh, I really need to see my hairstylist soon). But it turns out, those were moments in which I didn’t feel beautiful. At all. There have been periods in which I was going out more frequently…

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