Quite a long way

Long Way Home by Christine und David Schmitt

Exactly twelve months ago, I was fainting on my floor climaxing months of severe generalized anxiety.

Exactly twelve months ago, I decided to start therapy, hoping it could help me find a way out of all of that suffering.

Today I’m here, the worst of anxiety is gone, I’ve met new friends and dumped some others, meds are being gradually reduced, I’m jogging weekly and I’ve just asked my boss for a raise.

I don’t know about tomorrow, but today, well, today I rock.



If you’ve stumbled upon this page and reached the bottom of it, you’ve just made me happy, but if you really wish to make me thrilled and proud, please feel free to leave a comment here below. I’d love to read your feedback, suggestions, opinions of any kind (and I’d love to reply to them too). Come on, just scroll down a little bit… 🙂


  1. Hi WF,
    my picture definitely fits your blog entry – and of course you can use it! Great to hear that you have found your way and all the best for the future!

    • Hi Christine,
      thanks for stopping by and taking your time to go through the post!
      Thanks again and congrats for your beautiful shot as well, I’ll browse your entries again for my future posts! 😉

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