New Year’s resolutions (some more homework for me)

New Year's Resolution by John Watson

The last days of the year are always a good moment to assess the previous twelve months and to make resolutions on what we wish for the year to come.

Plus, I’ve been frequently shying away from expressing my deepest and most meaningful wishes in such an explicit way.

I’m one of those people who somehow believe that what you really care for has to be kept untold. There must be some part of my mind believing that if you don’t say what you want to achieve out loud, in case of failure, you will be hurt a little less. Since I’m not sure that technique has worked wonders for me so far, I guess I won’t spare myself the effort this year. So here follows my (sort of) non-ordered list of what I’m hoping to achieve during the months to come.

For sure I know all that stuff is going to require quite a lot of work from my side and maybe even more than a year only.

So, please wish me good luck! 🙂

    • I’m hoping to meet someone who loves me the way I want to be loved: absolutely, completely and unconditionally.
    • I’m hoping to learn to love myself the way I’d like to be loved by others: absolutely, completely and unconditionally.
    • I’m hoping to persuade myself that I deserve that kind of love.
    • I’m hoping I can recognise it when it comes and welcome it with open arms, instead of wearing my armor and fight it back, the way I’ve always done.
    • I’m hoping to proceed in my practice of embracing my fears and fragilities with love, but firmly enough to avoid them stealing the joys of life from me.
    • I’m hoping that the voice telling that I’m not good enough will shut up eventually.
    • In the meanwhile, whenever it doesn’t shut up, I’m hoping I can listen to it patiently, then prove it wrong (and maybe remember to kindly flip it off afterwards).
    • I’m hoping that the New Me I’ve been spotting from time to time in my journey so far will grow strong and proud.
    • I’m hoping to that Old Me won’t change too much, but soften as much as necessary.
    • I’m hoping that the Rational Me can allow some space to the Emotional Me, without getting pissed off too much.
    • I’m hoping that the Emotional Me can let itself be hugged and reassured by the Rational Me, then sporadically do some (moderately) crazy shit anyway.
    • I’m hoping I’m going to be brave enough to own my story, determined enough to be its author, wise enough to let it walk on its own when it needs to.
    • I’m hoping to meet more and more of those people who can bring out the best of me. I’m hoping I won’t omit to bless them, thank them and exchange their favour.
    • I’m hoping for some lightness to come my way. And I’m not referring to those 10 pounds I’d like to drop off. Not only.
    • I’m hoping I can learn to take myself a little less seriously and start from a place of “Oh, what the heck, I’ll do just fine” a little more often.
    • I’m hoping I can goof around a little more and remember to put “Being silly” here and there on my to-do lists. On some of them, at least.
    • I’m hoping I can embrace change when it comes, I’m hoping for a deep sense of belonging.
    • I’m hoping I won’t be too harsh on myself when I’ll go through this list and assess how much I’ll have accomplished.


If you’ve stumbled upon this page and reached the bottom of it, you’ve just made me happy, but if you really wish to make me thrilled and proud, please feel free to leave a comment here below. I’d love to read your feedback, suggestions, opinions of any kind (and I’d love to reply to them too). Come on, just scroll down a little bit… 🙂

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