Things I’ve Learned about Anxiety – Anxiety is a Transitory Status

After the storm by Vegar Samestad Hansen

I have to admit that I consider myself a Pro when it comes to anxiety. The quantity and the extent of anxiety I’ve experienced often make me feel like I have a PHD in that subject.
For sure, each of us experiences suffering, as well as any other emotion, in a personal way, but still there are some basic concepts that – you can trust me on this, remember my PHD? – are true for every anxious soul out there.

So let’s go with the things I’ve learned about anxiety:

1. Anxiety is a transitory status.
I know this could be tough to believe. I’ve been there myself.
I clearly remember the day in which I entered my therapist’s office for the first time in my life: I was absolutely sure that anxiety was never going to let me go. I was sure that my racing heartbeat, dizziness, insomnia, sensation of imminent faint, short breath, nausea, inability to eat, physical weakness, mental agitation, continuous rumination and so many other symptoms were never going to stop and eventually take me to my death.
Well, probably the first notion about anxiety that my therapist disclosed to me on that first day was “anxiety is a transitory status.” She said it looking straight into my eyes with the calmness and the balance of someone who knows what she’s talking about. Somehow, I believed her instantly.
I’m not that good at trusting people and taking the truth of what they say for granted, especially when I barely know them, but that morning I needed someone to give me a little hope so much and she knew exactly what to say and how. I was still suffering as hell of course, but that was the first moment in which I started considering my anxiety as a storm that was going to pass eventually.
You may not be convinced as easily as I was. You may still be doubtful about what I’m writing. You are totally entitled to.
I know I’m not half as charming as my therapist is and I know that reading it on a display made of stupid pixels is not even remotely as warm and reassuring as hearing it from a real person sitting in front of you, two feet away. But if you think you deserve to treat yourself today – and you know you do, after all you’ve been through – please keep this in mind: anxiety is a temporary fact. What you are feeling today won’t last forever. It may take time, it may not be easy, but exactly like seasons change, like the sun moves across the sky, like storms come and go, your anxiety is not going to last forever.
There’s a person in front of you (ok, let’s say I’m just in front of my laptop, which is exactly beyond your screen) who is alive and in a pretty good shape although the shit she had to go through and, like me, so many others out there. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a hero to survive the storm, that you don’t need to be anything different from what you already are. There are ways to help your healing process, there are things you may do to contribute to your own well-being, but it all begins with acknowledging that anxiety is a temporary status.


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