Of avocados and love relationships

"Avocado pit" by Maria Keays

I let go of something today. During the first week of June, I challenged my green thumb by trying to grow an avocado tree from a seed. Not much of a challenge you may argue and you would be right, if only I hadn’t attended gardening lessons at Attila’s course (There, where I have passed, the grass will never grow again, Attila the Hun). I’m known for my very poor skills in cultivating plants of any kind. But, since I proved to make my cyclamen survive since last winter till summer, driven by the enthusiasm of this almost-impossible mission accomplished,…

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The place where miracles happen

“Let’s play a game, let’s make it a bit unusual!” My last mindfulness lesson started like this. You can easily imagine the looks on our faces, we – those poor souls attending a mindfulness class in the evening after a tough day of a tough week, hoping to taste some peace of mind while quietly meditating, breathing in and breathing out. Some of us smiled, I definitely did. Some of us tightened a bit, I did that too. Some others raised their eyebrows with surprise sparkled with some preoccupation, I bet a did that as well. “It’s  going to be…

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My happiness jar

Here’s what 365 (366 actually, 2016 was a leap year) days of happiness jar look like. At the beginning of last year, I had just read about Elizabeth Gilbert’s happiness jar, so I decided to make it my 2016 new year resolution. I proved myself pretty good at sticking to resolutions, at this one at least, so while some days I wrote nothing and some other days I took several notes, in the end, few hundreds of happy moments were recorded. Some days ago, on the first days of 2017, proud of my achievement, I couldn’t resist and went through…

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